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Dandelions As Food and Medicine

by Sarah Lawless

Dandelions are endlessly useful to us humans as food and medicine. Every single part of the dandelion is useful in some way. The whole fresh flowers can be battered and fried as fritters, drizzled with honey or dipped in garlic mayo. The fresh petals can be turned into syrup and jelly or baked into cakes and muffins. The dried flowers can be added to tea blends for a pop of bright yellow. The fresh spring leaves are less bitter than the rest of the year and can be added to salads, sauteed as greens, cooked into quiches and omelettes, added to soups, stews, and stir fries - pretty much any recipe you'd put kale, spinach, or arugula in. The dried leaves can be taken as a medicinal tea. The peeled fresh roots can be cooked and eaten as a wild vegetable, but are best grated or slow cooked in soups and stews to soften them. The dried roots make a great medicinal tea or tincture and the dried and roasted roots make a tasty caramel-tasting coffee and tea substitute...

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