Fern & Fungi is a small family-run apothecary in the wilds of rural Ontario. We craft small-batch, artisan edible and medicinal herbal goods crafted from the plants, trees, and fungi growing all around us in the Northern wilderness. Along with locally sourced organic herbs, we use as many weeds and wild native plants as possible to give the apothecary a sustainable, bioregional, and seasonal focus.
Our products are made with organic and locally wild harvested plants, often on a seasonal basis. Wild botanicals are foraged locally by us or trusted fellow foragers. Certified organic botanicals are sourced from Ontario herb suppliers. We strive to only use the finest, freshest herbs we can find and have found keeping things local is the best way to achieve our goal.
The purpose behind creating our herbal products is to help reconnect ourselves and others with the spirit of wild nature. 

Interview: Talking the Business of Botanicals with Fern & Fungi

Our Products concentrate on:

Helping people better incorporate medicinal mushrooms and other medicinal herbs into their daily lives in easy and delicious ways.
Helping people get relief from chronic pain, anxiety, and lack of sleep by making potent herbal salves from medicinal nightshade plants.
Creating calming and relaxing environments to reduce stress & anxiety by providing soothing aromatics like incense, smudge, linen sprays, and oils

Meet the Herbalist

Sarah Lawless is the founder, herbalist, and web mistress of Fern & Fungi. She has been a forager and herbalist for over a decade and was a professional cook for more than half of that. If she's not in the kitchen working with herbs or behind her computer or cook stove, you can find her in her garden or foraging in the woods. Originally hailing from the Pacific Northwest, she recently moved back to rural Ontario two years ago to be closer to family and her roots.
Sarah is an unabashed self-taught folk herbalist who counts Nature as a teacher as much as her beloved mentors. Why self-taught? At the time, there were no teachers or recognized programs specializing in working purely with native plants, traditional local folk remedies, or medicinal nightshades. She decided to forgo the usual training in Western Herbalism and hunt down knowledge and experience working with herbs native to her bioregion as well as the long forgotten and unused medicine of the nightshades she grew in her garden. Thanks to her focus, drive, and years of research and practice, Sarah is now recognized as a teacher within the bioregional herbalism movement and a trusted authority on medicinal nightshades (belladonna, datura, henbane, and mandrake) and their potential for treating pain, sleep issues, anxiety, and depression.

Available for Consulting & Teaching

Fern & Fungi's other team member includes Sarah's partner Alex, an avid mushroom forager and mycophile who teaches local workshops on edible and medicinal mushrooms native to the Ottawa Valley. Along with teaching, Alex helps with packaging herbal products, selling at local farmers' markets, and is often our online shipping department, with the occasional help of other family members. Together, Alex and Sarah have their hands full juggling the apothecary, two little boys, and a mischievous stray tabby cat they adopted and named Khan.