Belladonna Ointment
Belladonna Ointment

Belladonna Ointment


Does not ship within Canada or to Germany

Analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, anticholinergic, and sedative. Use externally: apply to sore joints, muscles, temples, or the back of the neck as needed.

Relieves pain & inflammation

Relaxes stiff muscles

Lifts the spirits

Calming and soothing for frayed nerves

Helps troubled sleepers

A salve of the poisonous but beautiful atropa belladonna plant. A herb with thousands of years of medicinal and ceremonial use in Europe.

In traditional folklore belladonna is used by witches to make flying ointments for astral travel, ecstatic rituals, and shapeshifting.


atropa belladonna, poplar buds, sunflower oil, and beeswax.

30 ml (1 fl.oz)



"Belladonna ointment did wonders for the tendon swelling and pain from the carpel tunnel in my wrist. I now turn to this ointment if I experience pain/swelling, and along with hand exercises, my condition is completely manageable and does not impact my life at all. I was also thrilled to have found a natural, topical remedy for my hand injury."

Amanda - Connecticut, USA



Perform an allergy test patch before use.
Shelf-life is 2-3 years after purchase.
Do not use Belladonna if allergic to Morphine
Poison - do not ingest - for external use only
Do not use with heart or kidney problems
Do not use if you are 65 or older
Do not use if you have a weak immune system
Do not use when pregnant or breastfeeding
Keep away from children
These statements have not been reviewed by Health Canada.