Mandrake Ointment
Mandrake Ointment

Mandrake Ointment

Our only nightshade ointment which can ship within Canada. Cannot ship to Germany.
Analgesic, anesthetic, anticholinergic, and sedative. Use externally, apply to sore joints, muscles, insect bites/stings, burns, temples, or the back of the neck depending on where it is needed.

Relieves pain & inflammation

Relaxes stiff muscles

Lifts the spirits

Calming and soothing for frayed nerves

Helps troubled sleepers

Topical anesthetic for burns & bee stings

A salve of the well known mandrake root (mandragora officinarum). It can take this plant 2-5 years to grow roots ready to harvest and it should not be confused with American Mayapple (Podophyllum peltatum) -- a completely different plant.
Mandrake has a history of thousands of years of medicinal and ceremonial use in Europe, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, and North Africa. Lavender has been added to even further boost its pain relieving and numbing properties.
mandragora officinarum root extract, poplar buds, sunflower oil, and natural beeswax.
30 ml (1 fl.oz)

“I can testify that it works — it isn’t a rip-off with a token amount of mandrake, it’s the real thing… Ms. Lawless’s ointment exceeds all my expectations… Her Mandrake Ointment works as advertised. It works even better than that, in fact. Highly recommended.”

Rachel Izabella
Perform an allergy test patch before use
Shelf-life is 2-3 years after purchase
Poison - do not ingest - for external use only
Do not use with heart or kidney problems
Do not use when pregnant or breastfeeding
Keep away from animals and children